Kitchen and Bath Remodeling - Louisville

Home Renovation & Remodeling Services

Home renovation services are our specialty at Designer Builders. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling can include custom-made cabinets, tiling, counter tops and lighting improvements. Attic and Basement Remodeling can help convert unfinished areas into additional living space and square footage. We also offer Whole House Renovations for improved use of space and flow.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Kitchen renovation services can make better use of your space and increase functionality.

  1. Custom made cabinets
  2. Counter top selections in custom concrete, walnut butcher block, recycled glass, granite, etc.
  3. Natural lighting, tasking lighting, and other lighting needs
  4. Ceiling vaults and architectural renovations

Bathroom renovation services create an updated,  pleasant space.

  1. Bathroom fixture updates
  2. Radiant floor heat
  3. ADA compliant custom tile showers
  4. Natural lighting and art niches

Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovations can improve use of space and flow.

  1. Complete custom renovations
  2. Improved use of floor space and flow for the disabled and elderly

Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling to finish space for dens, extra rooms, and more.

  1. Basement finishing to add functional square footage at a lower cost
  2. Improve insulation and take advantage of efficiency benefits
  3. Room additions for living space, laundry rooms, guest rooms

Attic Remodeling

Attic remodeling for creating dormers and additional living space.

  1. Attic finishing and second story remodeling
  2. Full conversions to increase living space
  3. Attic dormers to create more floor space


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