Most people have heard of green building and sustainable construction, but what does it mean?

A few things come to mind … effective use of insulation, energy-efficient appliances, compact fluorescent lighting, etc. Beyond this base-level understanding, many lack awareness of the concepts and materials behind an eco-friendly approach to construction and renovation.

What is Sustainability?

It boils down to this: Don’t eat your seed corn.

A time-tested concept, sustainability highlights the need to build replenishing systems that can supply the present without compromising the future.

Sustainability is about people: How to foster a robust workforce and strong communities. Sustainability addresses innovation: How to spark it, nurture it, and protect it so the idea pipelines don’t run dry. Sustainability can be a lens to focus on values: Inspired by faith, family, personal commitment… on the built environment and on markets. And, of course, Sustainability is also about natural resources: How to use, renew, and account for environmental capital.

Source: American Public Media


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